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Is the Grass Always Greener…?

Whether it be your job, your relationship or your sporting club, you will invariably be one day looking at your neighbour’s grass.  It’s natural for humans to compare their situation with hypothetical situations.  When you do eventually look over the fence, what you will see is green, lush, manicured lawn.  Then you will turn back and look at your neglected, yellow straw with weeds and bindi in it, and you’ll think, “gee, it looks much better over there.  What on earth am I doing here?”  But stop for a moment and ask yourself why yours looks so bad, and why that grass looks so good.  First of all, how did your nice, green lawn turn yellow?  Did you neglect it a bit?  Could you have nurtured it a little more?  Tried planting something new to freshen things up?  Did you get frustrated when the lawn took longer to manicure so you gave up a little too quickly and the condition got worse, faster?  And as for your over-the-fence neighbour’s grass.  In most cases it is more lush and much greener because your neighbour knew you would be looking!  Like a peacock showing off the best and brightest feathers, so too your neighbour has nurtured the backyard to look excellent.  Guess what?  After time, that lawn too can turn yellow.  Grow weeds.  Get bindi.  Because once you’re in that back yard, it is you that has to manicure it.  Sure it starts off well (it always does).  But then you have to fertilise, water, mow, manicure…and it becomes a chore again.  For some people, the backyard ends up working and it was the right decision to jump the fence.  But for the majority, they end up regretting it because they forgot to stop, take a breath and ask themselves if they are the ones who could get their garden blooming again.  If it’s your job you feel down about, the grass will look greener because other employers will want to attract you.  It’s only once you start on Monday you realise it’s not quite what you imagined it would be.  Then six months later you are feeling the same as before you left your old job.  If you have a multitude of arguments with your partner, to the point where you start to resent them, it’s easy to forget the times you first hooked up and laughed and flirted and carried on in absolute bliss.  The nurturing has gone and the weeds have started to show.  And those bindi are getting really, really annoying.  Unfortunately as humans we start to look for replacements before we look at solutions.  The coach is giving you a hard time and because of that your team mates are also coming down on you.  You bottle it up and start looking at other teams.  But did you stop and at the right time take the coach aside and tell him what was going through your mind?  Did you work on your mental and physical strength to improve your game?  Most likely you would have only started doing that once you joined the other club.  After all you don’t want them against you too!  Grass will always look greener depending on how you nurture yours.  Just remember it’s not always what it seems.