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Top 20 Things I’ve Learnt Since Being On This Planet…

1. Embrace game changers, even if they are changing your game. If it’s a better game than yours, be prepared to play in that one.

2. Acknowledge that Darth Vader was still Luke’s father. Just because you don’t like someone, because they seem evil, remember there is still something good inside there. It is your challenge to find it and work with it.

3. Look for dog droppings before you smell them, because usually when you can smell them, it’s because they’re already on your shoe. There are false prophets out there, and there are frauds, but worse are the people who actually believe what they are saying to be their own words, when they were actually somebody else’s first. I call them “copy paste” experts. See them coming before they are already on your shoe.

4. When somebody says something stupid, it may be smart and you just don’t understand it.

5. Arguments can only be truly won, once you have fought for the other side. Say what they would say, before they say it, and if it makes sense in your head, don’t go into battle.

6. Just because something happens differently to how it happens within your four walls, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, or weird or abnormal. It just happens that way, and not yours, so don’t judge.

7. If happiness can be controlled, so can anger. Find out how to control it and then search for alternatives. Remember the person who laughs the most before they die, wins.

8. No place on Earth can be accessed via one route alone. If someone tells you that there is only one way, always remember you may be the explorer and not them.

9. Of all the traits to have in the world, the best is the ability to create. These who can’t create are usually the ones who are first to point out faults in creations. These people can also end up on your shoe if you’re not careful. They are often the first to say “no” before “maybe” in meetings, and are usually disguised with some cryptic user name if online.

10. Only give advice if someone has specifically requested it, specifically from you. If you give it anyway, it’s not advice, it’s a lecture.

11. Love is a choice, so choose it.

12. If you wouldn’t say it whilst being filmed, it’s probably best not to say it.

13. Experience may be of value, but it’s not the most valuable trait to have. Anyone who uses experience as a trump card has forgotten that there are 51 other cards in the deck.

14. Hours done at work, are not as important as the work done within hours. Just because 9am comes and 5pm goes, it doesn’t mean that sunrise and sunset aren’t times of the day. People should try to work just one week in their lives without a watch on their wrist or a clock on the wall. A carpenter can build a wall within half an hour to your three hours – the result may even be the same, but the carpenter is still worth more.

15. The ability to adapt, evolve and change is what drives the world forward. Sticking to what you know is how you stick to where you are.

16. Meeting in the middle is a lazy way to say you have forgotten what it is you are after in negotiations.

17. If you can’t be the best, at least be better.

18. Knowing what causes a problem, is only 50% of fixing the problem. The other 50% is made up of actually fixing the problem. A lot of people don’t bother to look for a cause, most who do, don’t end up fixing it. Be in the small percentage of people who go all the way to finding a solution and preventing it from happening again.

19. Nobody can knock back a smile or a handshake, so use them more often.

20. If personal success is writing a book, overall success is determined by how many people read it. Make sure whatever it is you want to be successful at, it is something that can be measured by others.