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Our first publicity stunt for a client…

Our brief was to create a unique way to have people talking about the Stage 12 Land Release at Brunslea Park, Wagga Wagga.

We decided that a choreographed “pop-up house and land package” in a crowded shopping mall may do the trick.

Over 100 hours went into co-ordinating and choreographing this publicity stunt – a first for

We had a professional designer design the house so that actors could easily clip it all together quickly.  Hotondo Homes volunteered their time to construct the house from the plans.

A sign writer created the banners which we used as walls and roof for the mini-house and a local fencer provided us with fake turf and fencing to create the yard.

Seven actors were directed by feature film writer and producer Peter Cox, also known for his many stage plays as Director, and a full length song with lyrics written by Creative Director of Adam Drummond was composed by local musician Dale Allison performed by Hayley Potts and Meredith Olsen, which played live during the stunt.

Our plan was to surprise shoppers with a flash mob style building of a house and land package – and that’s exactly what happened.

Our camera operators caught all sorts of expressions from shoppers as they turned to see what all the fuss was about and did a great job editing the footage together.  With the video roll out we created links internally from each video:

Video 1 depicts the mob stunt occurring from various angles and links to Video 2 which is a 1 minute time lapse video of everything unfolding and that links to Video 3 which is a making-of style documentary.

Our clients are hopeful that by creating such a positive buzz about a unique way to advertise, people will then find out all about the subdivision and join them for a great Family Day out for the release.

Social Media is a lonely place…

It’s ironic that such a social phenomenon can make you feel so lonely.  We live in a society now where notifications drive our actions and responses.  Where view counts publicly gauge success or failure, and where a simple response can light up your day – or silence can dampen it.

As human beings we can get awfully carried away by what we think makes us valuable or invisible to others.

You post a photo of you and your children on the top of a mountain in Peru and 16 people like it but no one comments.  Why was that so different to the photo of you eating ice-cream in a café with your niece?  That had 42 likes and 23 comments and a couple of relatives even shared it.  Does no one care about your experiences whilst on holiday?

What about the heart felt poem you wrote about life that had a measly 3 likes and no comments.  You spent hours on that poem.  What does it all mean?

It means nothing.  And you definitely shouldn’t read anything into it. If Facebook allowed every status update to filter into every person’s newsfeed the average person would scroll through 1,500 status updates on a daily basis.  Instead they filter it down to roughly 300 per day.  That’s a technical possibility as to why some stories seemingly resonate more than others but it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

True measurables in life are not on a computer screen or mobile device.  True measurables are in real life.  Like how much love you have for others.  How much time you spend with family and friends face to face.  How much you contribute to society in the flesh.  And the best part of those real measurables? – It’s only you who can measure.

Everyone else’s opinion?  Who cares?

“The grass is always greener on the Walker side”

We were given the brief from the client to produce a 15 second TVC that showed that by having a Walker ride-on lawn mower your lifestyle was improved compared to your neighbour. After co-writing the script and creating a detailed outline, this was the result. Our very first TV Commercial as Creative Director at Filmed and edited by Cut Above Productions.