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Things to look for in Gelston Dundee

1. How many times do you see the words Gelston Park in the footage from start to finish?

2. How many scenes do you see Nev throughout the footage including credits?

3. How many kangaroos feature in the clip?

4. Where did the Buffalo come from? Bonus question – What is his name?

5. What are the block sizes approximately? a) 20-30 acres b) 50-70 acres c) 90-150 acres d) 200 acres

Helping you get the best “value” after a sale…

3 Top Tips to get the Best Valuation for your Home

Sometimes (though thankfully not often), a home will not value at the price it has sold for, causing the contract to crash or negotiations to re-open.
I’ve put together a list of the three top tips so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared to get the best possible valuation for your home.
1. Overall Presentation: The home must be in a similar state of repair to your open houses. In other words, pristine. So after you’ve agreed to a deal and signed the contracts, don’t drop the ball and let clutter accumulate and the garden become unkempt.

2. Outdoors, Kitchen and Bathrooms: These are the high-price-tag rooms. If they’re well-presented and not dated, they’ll have a huge impact on your property valuation.

3. Recent Sales Evidence: Stay abreast of property sales in your area by attending all auctions or open houses leading up to and including the time of selling your home. Grab a brochure while at the auction to make your notes and hand this evidence to the valuer. This up-to-the-minute information could be very useful, as sites commonly used by valuers can sometimes have information that’s 3 or more months old.

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Trivia and Prize Tuesday – WIN A FREE MOVIE TICKET

Shameless self promotion or clever cross promotion? You be the judge as Adam Drummond steers you to a certain website to answer this week’s trivia question! Remember, you only live once, so make today count!!

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