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I’ve created this site because I have an awful lot going on in life, and this is a way for people who deal with me in different areas to view what is relevant to them.  For example, if you are looking to buy or sell residential property in Wagga Wagga, you may like to skip to this profile video.

To find out what my clients have said about their Real Estate experiences, check out this page!

If you are looking to contribute back to the community and would like to learn more about charities that I support and that you could be involved in, you may want to start here or check out more here.

If you like to read blogs about things relating to:

Then click the above links!  You won’t agree with every one of them, but they may get you thinking about things from a different perspective!

Anyone who would like to engage me to speak to a group from 5 to 500 + check out some of my snippets in this speech page.

I’m also a bit of a “professional” jester so you may want to see some remarkably foolish antics in my “The Office” sketches.  Or not, if you don’t like this kind of humour (which some don’t – I’ll admit”.)

So that’s about it…blogs, videos, charity and real estate.  If you find yourself searching and getting a bit confused by my personality and interests…you’re probably not alone!