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“Seriously, mate – just tell me what the #@*% it is…”

Don’t have time to read all of this?  Click for the audio version.

The steepest bloody learning curve of my life, is what it is!  But this particular enlightenment “tell me what the #@*% it is…” came straight after one of my presentations to local businesses wanting to know more about waggawagga.tv.  And believe it or not, it wasn’t said in a nasty way – quite the opposite – it was encouraging!

“Adam,” this particular person who I admire said after seeing my demo, “that was 98% a great demonstration of what your product is – it’s new, it’s exciting, it solves a lot of problems for businesses locally, and the presentation was terrific…but I just want to give you advice on the 2% that can be improved ever so slightly, if I may?”

Being the sponge I am for more knowledge and never telling a dairy cow not to provide milk (I thought of that analogy whilst typing, feel free to use it where you see fit) I simply said – “please fill me in, I need all the help I can get.”

“Well,” he continued, “it took about two or three minutes for you to describe your product.  I would highly recommend you tell your audience within the first two to three seconds.  Do you think you can do that?”

You’ll notice he didn’t actually swear.  But he was saying, “I’ve come to find out more, I’m there for 45 to 60 minutes – I want to know why I’m there straight away.”  And that makes sense.

“Of course I can.  Thanks for the tip” and I’ve been saying what the product is within two to three seconds ever since.  I can’t thank this bloke enough for his encouraging advice, and I won’t say who he is, but he knows who I’m referring to…after all I’m directly quoting him about three days after he said these words…and again disclaimer…I’ve never heard this bloke swear…ever…That’s my paraphrasing to grab attention in the heading.

This is NOW how I start my presentations:

“We are an online media and short-form entertainment platform, promoting local business through advertising opportunities and providing a major business directory for locals and tourists.”

There…I guess you could also call that our Mission Statement.  We want to create an audience interested in specifically local entertainment and information content and in doing so, grow the audience for local businesses who promote themselves on our new media site.

Probably one of the most important distinctions between what we will be providing and what other media outlets provide, is the short-form and online nature of our content.  We will have a 24/7 broadcast operating in the site that we expect most people will not sit down to and digest in 30 minutes or a couple of hours like traditional TV or radio, or even like online streaming services such as STAN and Netflix.  Our platform slips into the social media market, the YouTube audiences and those doing a bit of web surfing.  They’ll flick through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, watch a video on YouTube, check out the scores from the weekend sports and then come to waggwagga.tv to find out what’s on locally.

And another distinction I want to make very clear to businesses everywhere…your advertising budget should suit your target market, your reach and your frequency.  In other words the audience for local terrestrial TV, radio and print does not go away just because there are more tangible options now available online.  It’s really important to maintain your brand’s exposure over as many mediums as possible.  If anything, the trick is to choose when and how often it appears.

I can even speak from experience having just booked my first ever air time with STAR FM locally.  Even though yes, we are another media outlet, and yes we will be asking for advertising to create a revenue stream, we still need to market ourselves, and radio has a great local audience.  It may be a different demographic to those attending a local retirement expo, but it’s the audience we are after.

People still pick up a magazine or read the local paper, so it depends on who you are wanting to reach and how often you want to reach them.

I guess the other problem we are helping to solve for local businesses, is we are giving them a place to present their business in a video format.  Many people I’ve met have already made fantastic videos that showcase their offerings but the strategy around exposure has been a bit hit and miss.  After being on your website for six months, or your Facebook page and YouTube account – or even the Vimeo account of your production company, the views start to drop off dramatically.  Here we are giving you an affordable place to house your productions, whether they be through our video directory listing or our broadcast system.

And finally, you have time to breathe.  Not just now because you’ve managed to read all of this, but in the way you promote yourself on our platform.  Because of the nature of online broadcast, we can give businesses the space to tell a real story about themselves or their customers.  Our promotions can be 1, 2 or even 3 minutes in duration and tell a great story that customers will be interested in.  In fact we want audiences to feel these promotions are part of the content itself rather than an interruption to the content.  Narrative driven video promotions are the way of the future and now as a business you have a place to tell your many unique stories.

I hope you can join us on this exciting journey, a first of its kind in Australia (as far as anyone can tell) and beginning right here in good old Wagga Wagga.  Come and join us on May 15th at the MTC Wagga for our official launch as we make the site live and start entertaining locals in a completely new format with familiar faces, favourite local destinations and a true Wagga flavour.  Sponsors can contact me for packs that promote you before the night, on the night and after the night by emailing info@waggawagga.tv   General public are completely free and will have access to a bar and food as well as entertainment by Groove Factorie.  VIP tickets to the Members Lounge at the MTC are available for $99 plus booking fee with drink, food, celebrity meet and greets and entertainment provided all night in the ticket price.  Book your VIP ticket here or for more information about the platform, to make an enquiry about being involved or for more information about launch night, click here.

Our first publicity stunt for a client…

Our brief was to create a unique way to have people talking about the Stage 12 Land Release at Brunslea Park, Wagga Wagga.

We decided that a choreographed “pop-up house and land package” in a crowded shopping mall may do the trick.

Over 100 hours went into co-ordinating and choreographing this publicity stunt – a first for adamdrummond.com.au.

We had a professional designer design the house so that actors could easily clip it all together quickly.  Hotondo Homes volunteered their time to construct the house from the plans.

A sign writer created the banners which we used as walls and roof for the mini-house and a local fencer provided us with fake turf and fencing to create the yard.

Seven actors were directed by feature film writer and producer Peter Cox, also known for his many stage plays as Director, and a full length song with lyrics written by Creative Director of adamdrummond.com.au Adam Drummond was composed by local musician Dale Allison performed by Hayley Potts and Meredith Olsen, which played live during the stunt.

Our plan was to surprise shoppers with a flash mob style building of a house and land package – and that’s exactly what happened.

Our camera operators caught all sorts of expressions from shoppers as they turned to see what all the fuss was about and did a great job editing the footage together.  With the video roll out we created links internally from each video:

Video 1 depicts the mob stunt occurring from various angles and links to Video 2 which is a 1 minute time lapse video of everything unfolding and that links to Video 3 which is a making-of style documentary.

Our clients are hopeful that by creating such a positive buzz about a unique way to advertise, people will then find out all about the subdivision and join them for a great Family Day out for the release.

Build your KLOUT muscle on Social Media

KLOUT began in 2008 and was used to primarily rate the effectiveness of social media users by ranking them out of 100 based on their social media presence, engagement with others and consistency.

Now, KLOUT is that, but so much more too. I use KLOUT like Hootsuite, in that KLOUT will suggest stories related to your general interests and the interests of your target market and then “bang” you can drag and drop the stories into a comment box and post to either Twitter or Facebook. (or more if you pay for more)

The main drawback that I can see at the moment, is that KLOUT doesn’t let you drag to your business Facebook page unless it is a Fan Page.

What I suggest you do though, is send it to your personal page, and then share to your business page when the topic is relevant to your business from your personal page.  Check it out…it’s basically very similar to Hootsuite, but ranks you against the world.

And on that topic, what should you rank? The average Joe/Jo is probably somewhere between 20-30 out of 100. Active social users are between 31-45 and experts or celebrities are 46 +. In fact if you have a score of 57 you are in the top 10% of social network users.

Call or email me, and I’ll help you to get your KLOUT score up!

Adam Drummond is the creative director of adamdrummond.com.au

“Building businesses through social networking strategies.”

Be seen. Be heard. Be social.

Social Media is not THE Answer…but it’s one…

Is Social Media THE Answer for Your Business Growth?

If anyone tries to tell you “yes” – I’d be a little sceptical about their reasons why.  After all, there is no “THE” answer for any business growth.  However, social media is ONE answer amongst many.

Think of it like this.  You have a percentage of market share, right?  It may be 5% in your case or 45%?  Have you ever thought about what percentage of market share you actually want?  Maybe, and maybe you’ve even thought about how to achieve that goal too.  But if you don’t change anything about attracting new business to you, chances are you will fluctuate between 1% and 3% of whatever market share you are used to having in either direction.  “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Now let’s talk about strategies for increasing market share.  There are probably hundreds of things you could do to increase your slice of the market share pie.  Some of those hundred suggestions we love and others we don’t want to touch.  Like, I bet you’re not door-knocking as part of your marketing plan at the moment?  Do you really want to go house to house asking people if they’ll buy your kitchen products?  Or your range of sunglasses?  No.  The return on investment for the time and effort employed is not worth it.  Sure, if you get a couple of customers a day you have in fact increased your market share compared to what you had, but at what cost?

To door knock and receive a return on investment, your business needs to have a higher per transaction value.  Like real estate agents for instance.  If they knock on 40 doors a day for 5 days a week (or even employ someone to) and they get 2 actual listings from maybe 5 market appraisals they will receive about $15,000 to $30,000 for the two transactions out of 200 approaches.  No wonder they give it a shot!

Even agents don’t LIKE door knocking though – to them, it’s just another way of “prospecting” for business.

But enough of door-knocking – that’s not why I’m writing this blog.  It’s to prove there are ways to increase market share that you’re probably not doing right now.

Ask yourself these two simple questions;

  • Have I done anything different recently (the last 6 months) in my marketing plan?
  • Am I marketing myself and receiving a tangible, measurable return on investment?

If you answered “no” to one or both of these questions then there are some pretty exciting times ahead for your business!

And yes….social media may be one of the best answers for your business growth out of the hundreds available.


Because even if you are consistently ON social media – you can improve.  We all can.  Even the biggest companies in the world have had to evolve and grow to make an impact on their social media platforms.  Now let’s think social media only for a moment and ask these 7 slightly trickier questions;

  • Do I have at least 4 social media platforms?  (Here are some examples – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, BLOG sites etc)
  • Do I post regularly on these platforms engaging and meaningful content to my ideal customers?
  • Do I BLOG regularly?
  • Do I have a video BLOG (VLOG)?
  • Do I have a lead capture plan/tool?
  • Do I have a growth plan for social media?
  • Do I know how to improve the quality and reach of my content?

Now if you answered “no” to at least 4 of these questions, things are looking even brighter.  If you answered “yes” to more than 4, then you are already a social media rock star!  Congrats (and give me some tips, will you?  It’s a jungle out there!)

Why brighter when I’m answering “no”?  Because to fill the blanks just takes guidance, support, perseverance and a little hard work, but the “return on investment” is enormous…and tangible…and measurable.

What better way to gauge whether your marketing is working or not than by having “real-time” feedback on your content?

Traditional marketing can still work, but seriously, how many of us know for sure if our 30 second TV commercial made someone pick up the phone or search for us online?  It’s near impossible.  Think of traditional marketing as “branding” and social marketing as “lead generating” and you will be well on your way to the right frame of mind for increasing your share of the market.

The next step is ACTION.  One of the biggest mistakes made in social media marketing is the old adage – “I can do it myself because it’s cheaper.”  You know what?  You can build a house cheaper too but most of us still get a builder in to do the job.  That’s because anything is possible, but for the time, effort and money, the RESULT is what matters.

And while we’re on it…thanks for reading this far…social media and social networking are two different things.  Social networking when you and I were kids, was called “outside”.  It shouldn’t be any different today.  Why not try and get your social media to increase your physical social network?  After all, nothing beats face to face contact with others, and my bet is, nothing ever will.  Relationships are still about trust, reliability and fun – just like when we were kids and we built up our core friendships “outside” when we were playing.

What we as business owners need to focus on, is how do we turn what’s online into something that generates relationships and customers off-line.

Feel free to contact me immediately if you would like more information on how you can use some simple tips to increase your slice of the market pie.  Why?  Because it’s what I do!



Top 5 Tips of the Week Wednesday – Adam Drummond Daily Check-In

Ever found yourself doing so many things at once that none of them seem to get completed with 100% attention to detail? Do you find yourself looking at your phone for the next status update whilst playing with your kids? Today’s Top 5 Tips are all about “Stopping Multi-Tasking” so you can focus on the things that matter.

Remember, you only live once so make today count!

Monday – Movie review
Tuesday – Trivia quiz and prize
Wednesday – Top 5 Tips
Thursday – Property of the Week
Friday – What’s on Wagga

A Dream Comes True

When I was five years old I wanted to be an actor.  It wasn’t a choice in fact, it was something I just had to do.  A little bit like how my five year old son now wants to be an actor too.  The first time you hear applause and realise that it is aimed at you, is the first time you feel a course of energy through your blood, pumping its way to an overactive heart beat and leaving a tingling sensation through your body.  It is more commonly known as “the bug”.  And I caught it when I was five.

Fast forward exactly thirty years later, and that bug came back biting me firmly on les fusses.

The result was a role on a locally funded, low budget feature film shot here in Wagga Wagga.  And hasn’t Wagga Wagga embraced such excitement!  Written by locals Peter Cox and Mark Grentell with Grentell also steering the ship in the right direction as Director, this was going to be my big chance to jump back in front of the camera after 10 years of selling real estate full time and give it all a go all over again.  “Backyard Ashes” will hopefully be one of the many great achievements from our town to put it firmly on the National map and the minds of millions across the nation.  It will also hopefully get millions of people playing backyard cricket again during the Ashes series.

When I first read in our paper about Backyard Ashes being shot here in Wagga Wagga, I instantly sent a Facebook message to screenwriter Grentell asking what I had to do to get in the film.  “Audition, mate” was his response and there would be no favours for friends, acquaintances and investors.

Two months later I found myself auditioning as an English businessman between open for inspections on a Saturday.  “Love the suit” Mark said when I entered.  “Gee, you’re getting into character already”.

“Actually, I’ve just come from an open house and I have to do another straight afterwards, so it’s more a happy coincidence” I replied.

Well, I did the audition and felt pretty lousy about it to be truthful, but about three months later I get a call from Mark saying, “you’re in mate, and you’re a Pom so practice your R.P. (received pronunciation)”.  I couldn’t wait to tell the news to my wife and family, and friends and even the guy I’d never met before sitting quietly by himself on a park bench just after the phone call from Mark.  (And no, he didn’t give a toss.)

So time goes by and the script is re-written quite a bit and I’m not quite sure which Englishman I’ll be playing and who will be in the film.  The only “name” actor I knew who was attached from the start was John Wood from Blue Heelers and Rafferty’s Rules fame, so that was pretty cool.  Eventually we are gathered inside the Wagga RSL Club rooms for a “read through” of the script and I realise just how big this production was going to be for the first time.  The “names” attached were now “faces” in front of me and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Felix Williamson who I recognised immediately as Paul Keating in “Hawke” was going to be playing my boss, Edward Lords.  Andrew S. Gilbert from “Round the Twist”, “Mullet” and “Look Both Ways” was in the lead role of Dougie Waters.  Damian Callinan who has been keeping people laughing for years in shows like “Spicks ‘n’ Specks” and “Skithouse” would be playing Spock.  Lex Marinos (who wasn’t present on the day of the read through) was attached, Shingo  Usami (Red Dog), Rebecca Massey (The Black Balloon), Waseem Khan (Fat Pizza), Daniel Krige (West and Redd Inc. Director), Ande Cunningham (Sparticus), Zenia Starr, Alice Ferguson, Marty Harper, Berynn Schwerdt, Jake Speer, Norah George, Maddison Smith-Catlin (very talented young actress) the list just goes on.  And to top it off I would be also sharing the screen with some local mates, Jamie Way, Michael Mack, Genelle Mullins and Steve Holt in particular.  I was now shitting myself!  John Wood is going to hear my English accent and I don’t want him pulling out on account of me!

Well the read through came and went and two weeks later we are shooting a movie!

People have just been asking me: “How’s John Wood?”  “What’s John Wood like to work with?”  “Is John Wood a nice bloke?”  The answer of course is; John Wood is your regular bloke.  He loves a chuckle with the boys, talking about his grandkids and playing backyard cricket.  He’s unassuming and enjoyable to be around.  He also likes the odd bit of ad libbing which on some occasions he would do during filming, and on others he chose just to leave for rehearsals (Thank God!)

Everyone was just fantastic and hard working.  From the beautiful people in wardrobe and make-up, to the amazing Damian Wyvell behind the lens and our First AD Liam, you could not have asked for a better crew.  The cast were just as generous.  Felix Williamson burnt me a copy of his RP training CD whilst he was filming one day (how nice is that!)  And the local Brits got along so well it as like we had all gone to school together at Eton Public.

Mark and Coxy have really done Wagga Wagga proud.  Under the watchful eye of the Perfect Producer, Anne Robinson, these guys have assembled an amazing bunch of people to throw together a production that looks like it has been shot for $5 million dollars, but has actually been shot for less than $300,000 and in just four weeks.  It’s simply defies logic.

Every time I showed up to a cast and crew BBQ or a pre-wrap, wrap party I was in awe of the company I was in.  I’m used to putting up for sale and sold signs, not signing bats and cricket shirts for sponsors and “Backyard Ashes” fans – (yes there is already a local following!)

Fitzpatricks Real Estate Directors and staff have been amazingly supportive as have my wonderful clients who have had to wait patiently for my full time role as real estate agent to start up again.  I couldn’t have coped without my awesome Assistant Letia – you are incredible mate!

So from the locations including the Heinz Factory in Bomen, the Gurwood and Dobbs Street houses to the Wagga Cricket Oval and The Riverina Hotel, I will miss being on set like nothing else.  Not many bloopers either I’m afraid, because we were just all that good!  But there were plenty of laughs in between and I know that little bug is slowly creeping itself back into my blood stream.  I think I’ll shoot another property DVD to keep it at bay!

And finally, a big thank you to my wonderful wife and boys who had a chance to pop down on set one day, but other than that have been very patient in my absence during shooting and late night partying!

To everyone else, check out the film and fall in love with the local heroes, the fetching Brits and the little Aussie Battler, “Backyard Ashes”.  See you on the GREEN carpet!