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Post Kickers and how to handle them

Imagine this. A bar is suspended high in the air, gently supported by two tall, upright posts. This bar represents your standards, your aspirations, your achievements. You are precariously balancing on this bar. Each time you take a step, the bar rises ever so slightly. You are going up and up, all because you committed to achieving something. Now picture this. Someone, way down below on the ground is gently kicking one of the posts, making you wobble from your perch. You cling on, but the kicking persists. What do you do? You have just met the first of many “post kickers”. These people will try anything to feel higher than you without actually ever getting higher. In fact the very fact they can’t reach your bar is the reason they kick. Sometimes they are just small kicks….jabs…knocks. You will feel like retaliating. You’ll be defensive, but you need to stop. I have to admit, there is something inside me that makes me see red when someone knocks me or those around me. But I’ve started looking at the situation differently. I’ve stopped to imagine this bar. The bar that I have set, that this person can’t reach. And instead of them feeling as though they can look down on me, I imagine myself up high, looking down on them. And something amazing happens. Nothing. Silence is often the best form of retaliation. Another thing you can do is imagine how someone in your life who you respect would handle the situation. How would they remain calm? Remember, you can’t stay on your bar, if you are meeting the post kicker at their level.