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Must Attend Event – Daily Check-In 25th Jan 2013

This is What’s On Wagga Friday on the Daily Check-In. It’s an event that I’m involved in – so here are all the details.

Do you want to have fun?
Do you want to laugh?
Do you want to raise money at the same time?

Then watch this!!

Remember, you only live once, so make today count!

Monday – Movie Review
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Friday – What’s on Wagga?

Win a Free Show Ticket! Trivia Tuesday Daily Check-In

Are you in Wagga Wagga this Australia Day long weekend? This is your chance to win a free ticket valued at $25 to Tim “Rosso” Ross’s “Go Australia” at the Wollundry Lagoon Amphitheatre! Simply be the first to correctly answer the question in this 90 Second Daily Check-In to claim your prize.

Good Luck, and remember, You only live once, so make today count!

Monday – Movie Review
Tuesday – Trivia and Prize
Wednesday – Top 5 Tips for Week
Thursday – Property of the Week
Friday – What’s on in Wagga

When Drummo Met Rosso – At Rosso’s

Ever had a miscommunication? Ever been caught somewhere you weren’t meant to be?

Looking for a great day out? Come along on Australia Day 2013 for some laughs as Project Paintball Wagga presents  “Go Australia!” with Rosso. 8pm at the Wollundry Amphitheatre Wagga Wagga. Tickets $25 each or $20 for groups of 6. Book here: Civic Theatre Booking Office or phone 6926 9688. All money raised on night goes towards Ignite Mentor Wagga!

There aren’t enough human beings in the world like…Tim Ross

I’ve decided to start a series of blogs that will appear every now and then, entitled…”There Aren’t Enough Human Beings in the World Like…” followed by someone’s name who I truly admire for whatever reason.  I’ve been sparked into this because after a great weekend with a wonderful chap from Sydney, I realised we just don’t say it enough.  Quite often we are exactly the opposite!  We talk about what went wrong at the restaurant…about how rude and obnoxious some kids down the street were…basically we whinge a lot!  So why not spend a couple more seconds focusing on the positive moments in life, inspirations brought on by positive connections with other human beings…and share them?  It probably doesn’t sell as many magazines or newspapers…but it would be nice!

So, “There aren’t Enough Human Beings in the World Like Tim Ross.”

Between 1998 and 2002, I was out of University and living in Sydney as a “struggling actor”.  There were but three professional inspirations I remember clearly at the time:

1. Russell Crowe – for making it big in Hollywood but keeping himself rather grounded

2. Mel Gibson – childhood idol


3. Merrick and Rosso – couple of blokes carving it up on radio and just starting to venture into TV

The last pair I could really relate to.  In fact my mate Sully and I thought we could be the next Merrick and Rosso…we just didn’t know how to get into radio.

So it was with some trepidation that in June 2012, I approached Tim “Rosso” Ross at a conference in Sydney he was speaking at.  If you have read Rosso’s book “Mum had a Kingswood”, you will of course know that he has been in this same situation – meeting celebrities and being slightly concerned he would sound like a wanker.

I had the opportunity to grab him for just a few minutes, but little did I know the impact this short conversation would have on the lives of so many others.  What started as a compliment about how much I loved his speech, turned into an invitation to come to Wagga Wagga – the reason?  To be our first celebrity Ambassador for a Youth Mentoring Recruitment initiative I’m involved in called “Ignite”.

Tim wasn’t just interested in the concept of members of the community being paired with young people who required some form of positive role models in their lives – he also accepted the invitation.  It was done on a handshake and the exchange of twitter handles.

Within 48 hours Tim Ross had sent a direct message tweet to me saying let’s work out dates!  I was chuffed.  Could this actually all work and come together?

Over the following months I liaised with Tim, his management team and Ignite to secure a date and work out schedules.  It was all going to happen on the 22nd September 2012.

Fast-forward to the date of the event, and Tim Ross is sitting in my car as we travel into Wagga Wagga.  The last thing I wanted, was for him to feel like he was about to experience a scene from “Welcome to Woop Woop”.  In actual fact I needn’t have worried because nothing could concern Rosso – he is so laid back and relaxed, it wouldn’t have mattered if I accidentally vomited on his shoes – he’d just say, “It’s cool mate, let’s go buy a new pair…it’s fine”.

So, why exactly is Tim the first person I wanted to write about as being a fine human being and just all round good bloke?

For starters, the way he spoke to a bunch of kids at The Juvenile Justice Centre.  Home to some young kids who have done the wrong thing and ended up in gaol for those under 18, some as young as 10.

It would have been pretty daunting.  Walking into a massive auditorium with about thirty brooding young blokes looking back at you, and then being told on the spot that you have to do a speech to the boys.  Most people probably would have crapped in their tracky dacks, but not Rosso.  He just started his talk with a moment from his youth that he thought the boys could relate to, and then preceded to make one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.

Things that were mentioned were:

“You kids are all good kids, and people love you.  What you have to do, is let them love you, let them care for you so that you can believe in yourself too.  Because we live in a pretty bloody good country, and I reckon you can do anything you want in this country – you just have to believe in yourself.”

The boys’ eyes had stopped darting around the room and they started to focus just on Tim.

To say the speech was inspirational, touching and relevant would be a massive understatement.  These kids were listening.

Tim then broke away from us during the afternoon tea, and just went up to some of the guys to get to know them bit better.  Find out where they are from, how old they were, what they could do for kicks whilst inside.


Tim said to me later it was an emotional thing to experience because these are just “kids in tracksuit pants, locked up each night who probably cry about everything in their life at night, trying to get to sleep.”

That night we again found ourselves listening to Rosso.  There would have been 120 or so people who had come along to celebrate everything that had been achieved by Ignite.  Nearly 200 members of the community had been involved in training to become mentors for young people and our night was to be a true celebration of not only the efforts of the mentors, but also the stories of achievement from a young person’s perspective involved in the programs.

After a few remarkable speeches from some of the people involved directly in the Ignite framework, it was time for Rosso again.  He had basically observed all night, listened to different people’s experiences and got to know some people one on one in conversations around the room.  He loves to approach people and find out more about them and what’s important in life.  So from a few dot points scribed on some scrap paper found on an isolated desk, Tim delivered the next best speech I’ve ever heard!

For starters he had everyone in stitches with anecdotes from his past and the trappings of being a “celebrity” – from neighbouring Delta Goodrem and Cate Blanchette and not being photographed enough in his own street by the “paps” to helping a young kid out years ago who was on struggle street by giving him some work experience that later lead to a successful career in producing on Australian television.  Tim “Rosso” Ross did not let us down!

He had some people in tears when describing his experience inside the Juvenile Justice Centre that afternoon and had others thinking about how and why they should get involved in our mentoring initiative.

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to chaperone one of my true idols around town and was blessed to see him in action with everyone he met.  He touched so many lives and made so many people happy.

For those of you who already follow Tim in his blog or through his regular chats on TV and radio, you may surprised by the softer side of a bloke who observes human behaviour and tantalises with deep Aussie wit.

He is a husband, father, friend to many, entertainer, professional and just an all round good bloke.

Thanks Tim for your visit to Wagga Wagga.  You’ve changed some lives and created hope for some young people who didn’t think anyone cared.

Who is The Real “Rosso”? And Why is He Coming to “Ignite the Night”?

Ignite Mentor is a community based recruitment group, looking for suitable mentors to become positive role models in the lives of young people in Wagga Wagga.  The programs have been around for some time, both in the Education system and the Community based systems, however increasing the number of mentors required has always been a challenge.  Ignite compliments those already involved in the existing programs by providing the publicity, media attention and connections required to bring new mentors into the lives of young people.


From the very start we have aimed to keep our Mentoring initiative clean and simple.  Our five step process to becoming a mentor allows for an easy transition for those wanting to start their volunteer work and we have always wanted to keep our fund raising to just two events a year.  Those two events are; “Ignite the Night” and “Ignite Movie Night”.


“Ignite the Night” will be kicking off on 22nd September 2012 with the Inaugral event proving to be a must on the social calendar.  It is a celebration recognising everything mentors and young people have been through over the last 12 months and to celebrate the fact that Ignite has now reached a milestone of over 100 mentors in the programs.  Such a feat could not have been possible without the assistance of so many others, including our wonderful supporters, partners and sponsors of Ignite.


Our first ever celebrity Ambassador will be none other than Tim “Rosso” Ross of Merrick and Rosso fame.  After a chance encounter with one of Ignite’s co-founders, Adam Drummond, Rosso said with a firm handshake that he would make the trip to Wagga Wagga to celebrate the launch of Ignite Mentor.  He also waived any appearance fee for the event illustrating what a top bloke he really is.  Tim is not just one of Australia’s top comedians, radio and TV personalities, he also an accomplished author (his book based on his life “Mum Had A Kingswood” will be signed and auctioned on the night), as well as an expert on retro Australian architecture – yes, you heard right!


The founders of Ignite Mentor are Melissa “Mary” O’Neill from Anglicare Riverina and who acts as the co-ordinator of the community based programs, Laurinda Motion from Department of Education and Communities and who acts as the co-ordinator of the education based programs, Jeremy Hutchings from Action Coach Wagga and Adam Drummond from Fitzpatricks Real Estate.  Jeremy and Adam provide the many connections required to bring on fresh mentors to the programs.


So if you are looking for a top night out and would love to meet Rosso, the founders of Ignite and find out what all the hype is about, pop along to the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (Partners of the event) at 5pm to 7.30pm Saturday 22nd September.  Tickets are just $30 each and are available from Anglicare Riverina 1 Church Street Wagga Wagga (cash only accepted).  Ticket covers entry to the event, entertainment provided by Rob “Mossy” Moss, alcohol, soft drinks, and canapés (supplied by the very generous Storehouse Deli in Baylis Street).


We are also receiving a helping hand from local celebrity Katrina “From the Block” Chambers who has written up a blog on her site and who will also be coming along on the night.  Katrina has recently been named Australia’s Top Blogger too, so her words have a widespread impact!


Hope to see you on the night, tell some friends and as usual if you have any questions you can contact me via:

mobile 0413 571 974

email adam@adamdrummond.com.au

twitter @AdamDrummond


Anne Delaney and Adam Drummond talk “Ignite Mentor”

Ignite is one of the most exciting local initiatives to hit the Wagga Wagga community, and it has plenty of chins wagging.  Find out about Ignite when Anne Delaney from ABC Riverina talks with Adam Drummond, one of the Co-Founders of Ignite Mentor.

[button url="http://blogs.abc.net.au/files/ignite-mentor-adam-drummond.mp3" target="_blank" size="medium" style="tealgrey" ]Listen[/button]

Brothers lend hand to Ignite campaign

ON THE field Wagga Brothers captain-coach Blake Dunn is a force to be reckoned with.
Off the field that image couldn’t be more different as he and the club step up to their next challenge as partner and co-sponsor of the Ignite mentoring program.

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Life-changing program

EIGHT months ago he was another demoralising statistic – a male caught up in the offending circle who found himself incarcerated at the Wagga Juvenile Justice Centre.
Fast forward to the present and this incredibe young man has turned his life around and is looking to use his experiences to help shape and inspire the lives of other young people on course for self-destruction.

[button url="http://www.riverinaleader.com.au/news/local/news/general/lifechanging-program/2605803.aspx" target="_blank" size="medium" style="tealgrey" ]Read the Whole Article[/button]