Contact Adam on 0413 571 974 or email him to find out how your business can stand out from the crowd.

Local Business Directory

We are building one of the most attractive and user-friendly business directories you’re likely to see.  Find out how you can stand out with any of our three options including the FREE package.

Banner Advertising

We are creating ways that you can be found on our home page with options that suit all budgets.  we expect a lot of locals and tourists to visit our new site, not only for the directory but also for the entertainment…what a great place for them to discover your business.  Enquire now to reserve your spot.  (Only 6 positions available on the home page.)

Video placement – telling your story

We have a range of ways you can promote your business on our new platform, WaggaWagga.TV.  Whether you already have videos available or you need to produce a video just for this platform, we are pretty sure you won’t believe the value for money.  You can use existing TV commercials whether 15 or 30 seconds in length, or online videos that may be as long as 4 minutes in length – either way this is a new and innovative way to reach your customers…or as we like to call them on WaggaWagga.TV…your audience.  Enquire now to find out more.

Show Sponsorship

We are producing an array of new content for our local audience. From lifestyle programs to comedy shows and everything in between.  Now you can sponsor a show and your brand will end up in our on-demand library of programs.  There are four options available to suit all budgets and to reach all audiences.  How compelling is that?